Training and Education Program Committees

 Training and Education Program Committee

Associate Director 
Admissions Chair 
Curriculum Chair 
Psychoanalysis Program Director 
Psychotherapy Program Director
Faculty Chair 

Dhipthi Brundage, MD (term ends 6/2022)
Margaret Wilner, LCSW  (term ends 12/2019)
John Tisdale, DMin, LPC (term ends 9/2020)
Burton Hutto, MD (term ends 6/2022)
Dhipthi Brundage, MD

 Admissions Committee
(also David Raft Fellowship & Thomas J Pearsall, Jr Scholarship Selection Committee)
Margaret Wilner, LCSW, Chair (term ends 12/2019)
Lida Jeck, MD
Carolyn Lee, LCSW
John Tisdale, DMin


 Curriculum Committee
John Tisdale, DMin, Chair (term ends 9/2020)
Dhipthi Brundage, MD, Vice Chair
Chris Erskine, LCSW
Rachel Poliquin, MD


 Psychoanalysis Committee
Burton Hutto, MD, Chair (term ends 6/2022)
Terrie Baker, LCSW
Steve Bennett, PhD
Ernie Braasch, MD
Dorothy Holmes, PhD
Lida Jeck, MD
Rex Moody, MD
David Moore, PhD
Laurie Pahel, MD
Donald Rosenblitt, MD
John Tisdale, DMin.


 Psychotherapy Committee
Chair - Dhipthi Brundage, MD
Molly Kiefer, LCSW
Donna Stanley, LCSW
John Tisdale, DMin
Margaret Wilner, LCSW


Judy Byck Scholarship SelectionCommittee
Natalie Peacock-Corral, LCSW, Chair (term ends 8/2020)
Carolyn Lee, LCSW
Edna Goldstab, LCSW


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