Thomas J. Pearsall, Jr., Scholarships

Thanks to the generous donation of Thomas J. Pearsall, Jr., the PCC is able to offer three new scholarships for entering students in the psychoanalysis and psychotherapy tracks during the 2021-2022 academic year. These scholarships will cover some of the costs associated with supervision and personal treatment.

Pearsall Scholarship Financial Application

Financial Application Deadline: May 15

To become a psychoanalyst, a candidate completes three parts of training that overlap. First, the candidate must undergo a 3-5 times per week personal analysis that typically lasts five to seven years. Second, the candidate attends evening classes weekly during training to complete a required curriculum. Third, the candidate sees at least three patients during their training, each at 3-5 times per week, while paying for weekly supervision for each case. The cost of this 6- to 10-year undertaking varies but often exceeds $250,000. (Details of training requirements are available from the psychoanalytic program.)

To become a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, a student must undergo twice-weekly personal analytic psychotherapy for several years. The student attends evening class weekly for two years and sees two patients, each at 2 times per week while being supervised weekly on each case. The cost of this 2- to 5-year training varies but often exceeds $40,000. (Details of training requirements are available from the psychotherapy program.)

The Pearsall grant recipients will be awarded substantial funding to support their training.

One new psychoanalytic candidate will receive approximately $54,000. The scholarship will pay 50% of up to 4 times per week training psychoanalysis (up to 45 weeks per year) costing up to $150/session for 3 years, then the funding will taper back to 25% for 2 years, and then stop. If the psychoanalysis sessions also qualify for other support ( such as through the students' health insurance), the scholarship will pay 50% of the students’ out of pocket expenses. 

Two new psychotherapy students will each receive approximately $36,200. The scholarship will pay for 50% of psychotherapy training treatments and 50% of the first 80 hours of psychotherapy supervision for 2 years for two students. The scholarship will pay 50% of two times per week (45 weeks per year) psychoanalytic psychotherapy costing up to $150/ session for 2 years. If the psychotherapy sessions also qualify for other support (such as through the students' health insurance), the scholarship will pay 50% of the students’ out of pocket expenses. The scholarship also pays for 50% of 80 hours of psychotherapy supervision (up to $140/hr) over 2 years.  Supervision support will be reduced by the per-session fee collected by the student for the supervised case.  If a recipient of a psychotherapy scholarship transfers to the psychoanalytic program of the PCC, the student may use the remaining funds of their scholarship for the psychoanalysis program.

The scholarship does not cover tuition.

All the scholarship recipients will be new entrants into our program who have fulfilled our usual admissions criteria. The new applicants demonstrating the most financial need at the time of admission will receive the grants. It is expected that the students will participate in full-time classes and start supervision as soon as is recommended by our faculty. Any funds not used during the scholarship period by the original recipients for these scholarships will be used to fund a similar scholarship for new students.

All application materials and information will be kept confidential.

Mental health professionals who are new entrants into psychoanalytic training, who have applied to the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas (PCC) clinical training programs can apply for Pearsall scholarships by:

  • Submitting the PCC clinical training programs unified application including all supporting materials due March 15.
  • Submitting the separate scholarship application including all supporting materials due May 15.


Candidates for Pearsall scholarships must be approved for admission to PCC’s Training and Education Program (TEP) during the regular spring admissions process for study beginning in the fall. Normally, all three grants will be awarded during this cycle; however, if the number of admitted applicants is not sufficient to make three grants, one or more may be held for the fall admissions process. We do not anticipate making fewer than three grants this year.

Three applicants with the greatest demonstrated financial need will ultimately be chosen.

  1. The Admissions Committee of TEP will consider all applicants to TEP, regardless of whether applicants have applied for financial aid. For the purposes of awarding Pearsall grants, and for data-gathering for potential new sources of financial aid grants, the Admissions Committee will score all accepted applications based on the applicants’ ability to fully engage in the program.
  2. The Admissions Committee, acting as the Pearsall selection committee, will use the PCC clinical training programs unified application in order to reach its decisions.
  3. Pearsall grantee applications will be reviewed, and each applicant's financial need will be scored. An age-adjusted percentile rank of each selected applicant’s financial ability to pay for training will be determined based on:
    • Submitted personal financial statement
    • Income from their two most recent income tax filings
    • Personal statement from an applicant detailing additional financial facts that the applicant would like taken into account may be considered.
  4. The Admissions Committee will use the financial scores of each Pearsall applicant to identify which program applicants are to be selected as Pearsall Grantees. Specifically, they will identify one applicant to the psychoanalysis program and two psychotherapy applicants. Awards will be made primarily based on financial need but taking into account the score regarding ability to fully engage in our program.
  5. The Admissions Committee will inform the PCC Board of Directors when recipients have been selected.  The Admissions Committee’s selections will be final.
  6. Pearsall grantees will normally be announced in spring.

We are grateful to Thomas J. Pearsall, Jr. for his support of psychoanalysis through the training and education programs of our Center. Over his lifetime Tom has developed a deep appreciation of the arts and sciences, and he has a particular interest in psychoanalysis. Recognizing the increasing cost of the required education and training for this field of study, he hopes these scholarships will help increase the number of practitioners in NC and the southeast.


PCC does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender, gender identity, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, or identification, or national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, and financial aid policies.